lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

I am sad,
very,  very sad.
I  am tired
of being unhappy;
very unhappy
because I am alone.
And I am sorry.
Life´s terrible for me!,
Because  I´m alone.
I would like to speak
but I haven´t
anybody to speak with.
I want to fly
like a butterfly in the sky;
but I haven´t wings.
I would want to love
but nobody loves today.
My feet are tired
of traveling toward no place.
My eyes are tired
of looking at
and not seeing anyone.
My ears are tired
of hearing the silence.
I am sad,
Very, very sad
Because I´m alone.
I can´t speak
Or fly or love
I can´t look,
or see or hear.
But I can dream
and I will dream,
because to dream,
I need the fantasy only.